We all need stories

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site. I love writing stories and I love reading them. I really hope this comes across and you enjoy them.

I hope the stories on this site help you reflect on your own narrative and the lives of others. Many of the stories will have a philosophical, political (capitalism is CRAP), psychological or an environmental edge. Many will be pure absurdity and mind-bending oddness (Sorry, I like weird and dark shit too).

I hope some of them make you cry, laugh or ponder. I hope some make you think more about a better future. Mostly, I just hope they make you feel or think something and that they inspire you to write & share yourself! If you are a writer, I’d love it if you’d share your work with me. I really love receiving feedback, it means I know someone is reading! (even if you say you absolutely hate it].

Stories are the glue that tie our lives together. Our hiSTORY (both collectively and individually) our culture, our sense of self & our future is curated and imagined through stories. Stories are valuable. So please keep reading, and, if you write, keep on writing.

After all, if we don’t imagine and fight for a better narrative how will our stories end?