Spoken Word Touching

Wolf Town

I love my hometown very much, it is my safe haven and filled with inspirational people. This short poem is inspired by my town Ulverston, UK.

[I will be uploading a performance video soon!]

Where is Ulverston?

I often get that.

Near the lakes, on the bay, just a dot on the map.

A pepper-pot on the hill means your at the right dot,

we look for it on the way home, we feel glad to be back;

back to the cobbles, the narrow and colourful streets

the quaint cafes, the markets, the plenty good eats.

In summer we have food fests, music fests, and very fine fests, 

where people come together and celebrate our best;

with music, dancing, artwork and smiles.

We come together and create a moment of magic. 

We show our dot of a home is not close to tragic. 

When winter is coming and summer has been 

the sun goes down and we bring the light in. 

We march together with lanterns we make, 

the young and the old together create. 

We get merry on mulled wine when the weather is dire.

We dress like victorians’ in old-fashioned attire. 

But If the festivals aren’t enough, then go for a stroll;

walk down the canal, 

view the sunset over the bay, 

puff up the front of hoad or stroll the easier way. 

But if the weather is dire, 

then there’s always a place, 

you wouldn’t believe so many great pubs in such a small space.

There’s theatre, there’s comedy, open mics, there’s a cinema.

You’d be wrong to say there’s nothing to do here.

Where is Ulverston?

It’s a tiny dot on the map. 

But I’m proud to say it’s far better than that.

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1 year ago

Amazing, she can write better words, without using scary or goory words. I love, love it. That’s my girl! I’m proud of you. I need more of this kind.

david crossley
david crossley
1 year ago

Sublime. I love this so much. I was so proud when the legendary poet Tony Walsh recited the Ulverston poem at Another Fine Fest and I heard your fine words being spoken….he should have read you entire piece!. It encapsulates the sprit of our beautiful town perfectly and sends a happy shiver down my spine. Than you x