Philosophical Spoken Word Video

A beautiful accident or an unlucky mistake?

Are we a beautiful accident or an unlucky mistake?
I explore this question in a spoken word video. It starts of fairly dark but I also move on to the positives. I hope, by the end, it inspires you. Let me know your thoughts.

Are we a beautiful accident or an unlucky mistake?

The human condition isn’t always so great.

Hate, darkness, grief, greed, loss and rage

everyday reality, sometimes hard to face

love ones lost, happy times pass

separation with no reconnection

confusion, delusion, 

loss of faith.



There’s ivory towers, shacks in the shit

millions of people, left in a pitt

of loneliness, worthlessness, loss and defeat

concrete seats, 

life on repeat,

left on the brink,

in steel bubbles they sink.



People with less gold smoulder in towers

poor means no safety, money means power

hard workers, frozen in place, 

like slaves, they serve.

Really, is that what they deserve? 

There’s rising hate of those who are different,

the aliens, the others, 

the ones who are not US.

They’re taking over

they steal, they rape

all the uninformed rising hate.


Those “rats” are humans

But many cannot see

They’re in deeper shit than you or me.


Stability, austerity, deficits, debts

depression, poverty, the strikes, the hate,

the anger, the loss, the troubling fate.

Strong and stable, instability.

I wonder why many aren’t at their full ability?

An unlucky mistake? 

It’s easy to believe. 

Where is the end to human greed? 


A beautiful accident?



a strange experience 


it twists bright amongst the shit,

where sunny spots do exist.

Freedom gained, pain defeated

new lives come, diseases treated

friendly strangers on a train, 

the completely weird human brain.


A beautiful accident, a strange existence.

Joy, forgiveness, gratefulness,

flows, within the collective consciousness 

glows, with spots of golden happiness.


So, a beautiful accident or an unlucky mistake?


It’s already a confusing illusion,

so make yourself a pretty delusion.

Imagine, create,

dream big and strong.

There’s no such thing as dreaming too long.

Take some steps in the wrong direction.

To find the unexpected.

The moments that might burn bright, in the timeline of your existence.

Hold these moments and hold them strong 

because these moments don’t last long.

Every moment will pass, fragment and fade.

Memory, precious, but a fragile case.

So don’t regret, forgive mistakes,

a beautiful accident we can create.


The world is not a rigid mould;

the world is playdough filled with gold.

You might feel small, I do too,

but collectively there’s much that we can do.


The many together are strong and stable.

The many together are powerfully able. 

For the many, not the few,

one of the many is me and you.

So share some happiness, share some love

Stay strong, we’ll rise high above. 

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1 year ago

Brilliant!!! very strong message to the world. This is what you can do to influence a change in the world we live in. Words can influence many people, it speaks to their minds and souls. How Nelson Mandela change the way people think and influence their way of life. How slavery was change, it is by words of a strong woman. How women’s liberation started, by words put in writing or by campaign. Strong words that speaks about the truth and reliability can change the way we feel, think and our way of life. This is how you can introduce change for the better, through your writing or speaking the truth to the hearts of many people who is searching for answers. I am very proud of you. Keep on!!!!!