Flash Fiction Mind Surreal

Bertha, are you in control of your inner pig dog?

A really short quiz format story inspired by the German term “Innerer Schweinehund” which translates to Inner Pig Dog. I think it’ll become clearer reading the piece what this means but I would say something like your inner demon. The part of you that is self-indulgent and lacking self-control. It’s certainly a big part of […]

Fantasy Philosophical Short Story Surreal

Creators’ Rating

A short philosophical story in which our creators take us on a journey of exploration to other strange universes, with the aim of answering a human’s final question.

Dark Mind Short Story Surreal

Bungalow Palace

The first (longer-length) short story I ever completed. It starts as a dark and slightly whimsical fairy-tale but turns into a dark psychological tale with an intended underlying message. It will disturb you in its latter highly surreal sections. I would love to know what you think about the epilogue and whether you think I should keep it as I’m unsure. Thanks for reading.

Flash Fiction Surreal

Dali’s Dream

A short flash-fiction inspired by one of Dali’s famous paintings and his creative technique for capturing inspiration from his dreams.