Flash Fiction Mind Surreal

Bertha, are you in control of your inner pig dog?

A really short quiz format story inspired by the German term “Innerer Schweinehund” which translates to Inner Pig Dog. I think it’ll become clearer reading the piece what this means but I would say something like your inner demon. The part of you that is self-indulgent and lacking self-control. It’s certainly a big part of […]

Flash Fiction Songwriting Touching

Lives in A Dream

An imagined continuation (with illustrations!) of the Beatles song ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ I’ve continued the profoundly sad song, which centres on old-age loneliness, by focusing on Eleanor’s experience beyond the grave as she reflects on her own dreams and those of others.

Allegory Dark Flash Fiction Mind

A Monster

A horror flash-fiction. The theme is disturbing and sensitive so I have included a writers note below. Firstly, it is a horror story. I am a big lover of horror stories. Secondly, for now I’ll leave it to you to decipher, there is an underlying message. Overall, I hope you enjoy and it is thought-provoking. Don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Climate Flash Fiction Short Story

Frogs in Hot Water

A very short flash-fiction inspired by climate change. It’s probably somewhere in-between a flash-fiction and a poem. It’s probably a little abrasive in parts but don’t worry I’m screaming at myself just as much as others. I hope it makes you think about what actions we could take now. Let me know what you think.

Flash Fiction Surreal

Dali’s Dream

A short flash-fiction inspired by one of Dali’s famous paintings and his creative technique for capturing inspiration from his dreams.

Dark Flash Fiction Mind

Full of coal

‘You know there’s something not quite right about her but you continue anyway.’

This is the shortest flash-fiction I have ever completed. It’s a mystery inspired by love, that is all I will give away. Hope you enjoy this short read.

Dark Flash Fiction

A Minor

A dark and creepy flash fiction that will definitely not brighten your day.

Flash Fiction Mind

First post! Wannabe Buddha

‘So I thought I was on a journey to being “woke”, like in the new-age-possibly-bullshit sense. When, really, I was just a shabby wannabe Buddha. Really I was on an eightfold path to self-destruction.’

I hope you enjoy my first post! It’s a very short flash-fiction inspired by Buddhism and self-development. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts below. Much love.